James Murphy

Co-Founder and CEO of HLH Rapid

About James

James Murphy is the co-founder and CEO of HLH Rapid – a prototype and rapid parts manufacturer fusing Western ideas of service and quality with the Asian industry.

His advanced enterprise utilizes cost-effective rapid injection molding among other services to remain unmatched by industry competitors in terms of speed and quality. James’ full-service prototyping and manufacturing processes encompass six dedicated spheres, from precision CNC machining, 3D printing, and vacuum casting to sheet metal prototyping and rapid injection molding.


He is an expert in high-efficiency, high-speed manufacturing for high-profile projects within strict yet volatile markets. 

James fell in love with the industry after it reminded him of his father’s hands-on craftsmanship he saw as a child. As a budding entrepreneur, he taught English and studied Chinese before going on to do an MBA. His unique experience helps build the products of the future by providing reliable manufacturing services to innovative businesses around the world. When he’s not offering upscale RP and CNC, James enjoys art-house movies, bouldering, and spending time with his family. 

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